I am a formally trained artist and alumni of The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA. My work ranges from abstractionism to surrealism, philosophical illustration to art executed in the classic techniques of the Renaissance. I also study light and form through photography.

I am currently working on a series using abstractionism and surrealism to interpret the concept of an Illumination in both the physical and spiritual definitions of the word. Through this work I am also examining the contrast between varied interpretations about liberation and illusion.

I am located at Always and Forever Tattoo Studio (565 Mount Auburn St., Watertown, MA). If you are interested in tattoos, come by the studio to discuss your ideas and set up an appointment, call me for more information: 617.744.1740.

I accept select commissions for fine art, please contact me for more information:

jaesundarkson (at) gmail dot com




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